Collective Gallery

cg x sweet auburn works

Goal: To create a social media contest that encourages young African-American photographers, videographers, & other media entrepreneur students to actively learn, to be engaged, and to be involved within the historic and heritage Sweet Auburn neighborhood .

Scholarship Amount: $1,000.00 (Grand-prize scholarship), $500.00 (Runner-up scholarship)

Eligibility: Must have a high-school diploma,  must be between the age (16-26), must live within or near the Atlanta metropolitan area

  1. 2017 Contest Guidelines:

    ○ Photographers :

    1. Must submit a minimum of 3 high-resolution photos of at 1 historic building and/or historic site within the Sweet Auburn neighborhood.

    2. Each photo/post must be shared on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter with a creative caption that showcases and tells a narrative of why that “building” is important to the Sweet Auburn neighborhood & why it’s important to be preserved for African-American heritage.

    3. Each individual photo/post must tag Sweet Auburn Works (Instagram: @SweetAuburnWorks, Twitter: @SweetAuburnWork) and #SAWHeritage.

    4. Must follow @SweetAuburnWorks & @CollectiveGllry

○ Videographers :

  1. Must submit a 60-sec video that successful creatively tells a narrative about a historic site, a historic event, or a historic figure from the Sweet Auburn neighborhood.

  2. This video must be shared on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with a creative caption that tags Sweet Auburn Works (FB: @Sweet Auburn Works, Instagram: @SweetAuburnWorks, Twitter: @SweetAuburnWork) and #SAWHeritage.

  1. 2017 Contest Deadline:

    • ○  Applications must be submitted by Friday, September 1, 2017 at 12:00pm at

    • ○  Photo and/or video must be posted on the applicant’s social media no later than Monday, September 4, 2017 at 5:00p.m.