#CameraoftheMoment Rollei 35 S




The Rollei 35 S is a compact 35 mm film camera perfect for capturing ethereal moments you'll want to cherish forever. This camera is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and while you might initially find it to be toy-like, once you start shooting you’ll definitely take it seriously. It features a built in Zeiss-licensed collapsible f2, 8/40 mm Sonnar lens, an electronic flash hotshoe on the bottom instead of the top, and unlike most film cameras, it can be hooked up to studio strobe lighting. Designed by Heinz Waaske and built by Rollei, this camera was born and raised in Germany but has made an impact around the world. From September 1974 until February 1980, only 260,000 Rollei 35 S cameras were made, and they are still coveted to this day.



Many shooters use the Rollei as their camera of choice for its soft yet precise image quality, complex inner-workings, and lightweight body. However, what is most special about the Rollei is the intimate relationship the photographer builds with it. Like other film cameras, there are a limited number of opportunities to capture the shot you want. But what sets the Rollei 35 S apart is its character. The textured detail across the face of the camera with the metallic finish makes it feel sleek yet personable. This lightweight camera definitely packs a punch, and is a heavy weight in a class all its own. 

Cameron Kirkland