#CameraoftheMoment Nishika 3D Camera


The Nishika N8000 is a one of a kind camera. One of the few consumer 3D cameras available, it’s a technical masterpiece hailing from Japan. Released in 1989, the Nishika 8000 has a heavy boxy build and is often referred to as an "ugly duckling" camera but there’s no disputing the magic it can create.


It is quadrascopic, meaning having 4 lenses, which simultaneously captures images that when combined into a gif (on photoshop) create a 3D effect. This is a unique and highly sought after effect that can be used to create super dope photoshoots and video effects.


Unlike other consumer 3D cameras, the Nishika N8000 has 3 aperture setting options. This allows the photographer to have greater control over the image results as opposed to a bare bones point and shoot camera.  Check out an example below and to see more examples, search #NishikaN8000 on Instagram and you’ll see a variety of dope images produced around the world. You can add your own images by picking up the Nishika for less than $100 online. Happy snapping!

Cameron Kirkland