#HighlightedStudent Erykah Austin

erykah final.jpg

Erykah Austin describes the Collective Gallery Summer School as the best creative learning experience of her life thus far. From the moment she was accepted, she knew this would be the launch pad for her career. She took advantage of the opportunity to ask Cam endless questions about the industry. Erykah was also inspired to be among such a diverse group of talent. Under the guidance of Cam Kirk, Erykah was able to develop her shooting skills and aesthetic. She is forever grateful to have been a part of the inaugural class and will carry what she’s learned with her for the rest of her career.

The most important gems of knowledge Erykah learned from Cam were to develop your own unique aesthetic, market yourself like a rapper, and maintain relationships above all. Cam shared the work of many successful photographers such as Jonathan Mannion, Harry Benson, and Petra Collins, and explained how each of them had a unique method of shooting and displaying their work which makes them stand out. Originality and consistency are increasingly important in a world where anybody has access to a camera but not everyone is a true photographer. Cam graduated with a degree in marketing, and he attributes much of his success to how he promotes himself and how he maintains relationships in the industry. 

Erykah currently interns at Cam Kirk Studios for Collective Gallery. She continues to apply the knowledge she learned in the summer school to build her portfolio. She’s shooting content for clothing brands such as Marbek, and working with upcoming music artists including Keenon Rush and Ziere. She’s launched her new website, erykahaustin.com, and is striving to build a successful international photography career. 

Cameron Kirkland