Polaroid Anniversary Camera Review

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No matter how far camera technology advances, Polaroid will always be timeless. The iconic instant camera brand has been around for decades, and has changed the way society thinks about pictures as a more instant phenomenon. In honor of the company's 80th Anniversary, Polaroid released a brand new camera model called the OneStep 2. Featuring a classically retro build, this lightweight camera can be loaded with color or black and white instant film to develop dreamy stills.


Inspired by the original OneStep which was released in 1977, this camera embodies a vintage vibe with modern technology. Equipped with a quality lens and high-powered flash, the latest Polaroid camera doesn’t disappoint in performance. We shot a few images with our OneStep2 and had tons of fun experimenting with different shooting styles. The best thing about shooting with Polaroid is savoring the moment of capturing your shot, and feeling the excitement of waiting for your image to develop to witness the magic of instant film. If you’d like to get your hands on the OneStep 2, you can cop your own for just $99.99.


Cameron Kirkland