#InspirationandCulture PLACES + FACES

Based on the simple concept of sharing different faces from far away places around the world, PLACES+FACES opens the door to a whole new universe of endless creativity and collaboration. Founded by Ciesay + Soulz, this duo has made a huge impact as their own brand, complete with art exhibitions, merch collections, and their first ever hardcopy magazine. As described by the creators themselves in the preface, "This magazine is a mixture of things we like; The people we’ve worked with, the people we’ve always wanted to work with, pretty girls, muses and homies places we’ve hung out, places we’ve been to for the first time and things we see on a day to day basis.”


In their first issue, they released never before seen images of creatives such as Lil Yachty, Frank Ocean, Awful Records’ founding Father & first lady ABRA, A$AP Ferg, and more. Vol. 1 features main spreads on singer and visual artist Kilo Kish in London, rapper Playboi Carti in Miami, and super model twins Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjärta in London. These spreads are interwoven by candid shots that effortlessly capture the raw realities of life. Turning the pages of this tangible magazine can truly take you on a imaginative trip around the world. To explore more of PLACES+FACES, check out their site, and definitely be on the look out for Vol. 2, set to drop later this year. 

Cameron Kirkland