Our Conversation With Photographer, Scrill Davis


What inspired you to start a career in photography? So, in third grade I went on a trip to Disney world with my friends, and my mom purchased me a disposable camera to take some pictures of our trip. From then on, I would take my camera every time we went on trips. The camera moved me in some type of way. Later on, when I got to highschool, I bought a little digital camera and started taking that everywhere my friends and I went. When it was time for college in 2010, I decided to go to Gordon State and major in respiratory therapy. I had asthma at the time and wanted to know more about it. I went on with this major for two semesters and wasn’t really feeling it. I decided to take some time off from school and figure out what I wanted to do. After talking to a friend that went to Valdosta state, I was informed of the great media program they had and knew that was what I wanted to do. So, I went to Valdosta State to pursue a degree in mass media. I was interested in writing and visuals during that time, as well as photography.  I began getting on YouTube and started researching shutter speed, aperture and ISO, and started getting back into the groove. I liked the idea of taking a picture more; it’s just something about a photo, a photo last longer to me.

What is your go to equipment for a shoot? Canon 5d mark iii with my 35m Sigma lens, of course.

I know you like to shoot with Sigma lenses but you use canon bodies. Why is that? What are your experiences shooting with Sigma lenses? The Sigma 35mm 1.4 has to be my favorite lens of all time. I love the colors and the sharpness. There's something about the Sigma lenses that the Canon lense really lacks. I also feel like it's easier to edit the pictures taken with Sigma lenses due to the colors it produces. The performance of the Sigma is just over much better.

What is your favorite accessory to shoot with outside of your camera and lens? In the studio, it would be my reflector. I like to shoot with natural light in the studio so the reflector really comes in handy there. With outside locations, I use natural lighting as well with my diffuser. I only use the diffuser if the lighting is too harsh on the subject.

How would you describe your shooting style? I would say like a folk photography style; dreamy but fashionable at the same time. I really like to focus solely on the subject so I always shoot at the lowest aperture.



How important is post editing of your photos compared to the process of actually taking the picture? I like to focus on taking a good image so I don’t have to edit the picture a ton. I don’t like to edit my images because I think it takes away from the originality of the photo. I always like to make sure my in-camera photo is on point and can even be used as a final image without any edits on it. I really like the raw style of the image.

Looking through your IG, I see you shoot a lot of women and fashion photos, what draws you to that subject matter? For the most part, women are the only ones that book me so that’s what draws me to shooting them a lot. Men don’t really reach out. I wouldn’t mind continuing to shooting editorials of women subjects. I would love to start traveling and taking pictures, like National Geographic kind of work.

What is your favorite image you have shot? Can you describe its creation in regard to location, lighting, composition, etc.? Also, what are your thoughts when creating the image; what does it mean to you? My favorite image might have to be one of this model named Milan sitting in the middle of the road, just looking up at the sky. Milan was a model I reached out to shoot in the beginning stages of my photography career. At the time, I took that picture, it was while I was finding my style in photography. That photo was kind of planned, and I knew I wanted to make the picture look like we weren’t in the city of Atlanta. I already told her what to wear and everything, and we went up the street from my house. I told her to sit in the middle of the road, and made sure she was far away as possible from the background. I would say this picture really made me find my style.

Is there anybody or anything you would love to photograph one day? As far as a location I would like to go take pictures, it would have to be Bali in Indonesia. It has been a dream vacation spot for me for a while now. A person I would like to photograph would be Nas or 3Stacks.

What advice do you have for an up and coming photographer who’s just starting? Make sure photography is something you really want to do and not something to make money with. Don’t do it because it’s becoming a trend. Make sure you study the three main things which are aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Just know if photography is your passion and you have talent for it, the money will come. So, don’t look at it as something you can become rich off of or anything. Also, it is really not about the camera, so don’t go blow your money on a $10,000 camera. I have seen people take better pictures then the next man on an iPhone camera, so it’s all about the person behind the camera.

Cameron Kirkland