Dope Camera Accessories


Just because you’re not in front of the camera, doesn’t mean you can’t be just as stylish as your models. Photographers use plenty of functional accessories in addition to their favorite camera body and lens, including lens filters, flashes, bags, lens cloths, and more. Generic versions can be easily found online and in stores, but why settle for basic? Some brands are starting to market super dope camera accessories to photographers that like to stunt. 


BAPE is about to drop a second release of their signature camo print on ABC Camera Wide Straps. These will be released in green, blue, and pink all launching on December 16th. A few designers, such as Xplicit_Dezigns and Osman Cueto, have also begun to sell their own camera straps made out of OFF-WHITE c/o VIRGIL ABLOH Industrial Belts. If you're looking for a classier option, try this Chicago tan leather camera strap from Tanner Goods. In addition to a strap to secure your camera, you'll need a bag with enough compartments to store your camera body, lenses, and other shooting accessories. The Y-3 Icon Backpack is a sleek option, with enough space for your laptop, external hard drive, camera, a lens or two, and other small accessories. This S-Series bag from Vinta is a classic yet modern travel bag built especially for photographers on the go. You can also use a fanny pack to store smaller items like memory cards, extra batteries, or chargers for easy access during shoots. Try this leather waist bag from Supreme; it comes in desert camo print or solid black.  Inside, you can also store a lens cloth from Declan which come in over 40 patterns.


Even your tech equipment can be unique. Protect your memory cards with a black pelican case, and decorate it with your favorite sticker collection. You can also store photos on this Canon USB flash drive shaped like the retro Canon IV SB Rangefinder camera. Endless additional stylish camera accessories can be found online, or you could even buy fabric, patches or pins to enhance your own straps and bags. The holiday season is upon us so get to shopping for your favorite photographer or to treat yourself!

Cameron Kirkland